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Bold Representation. Sound Results.

From real estate to family law matters, Vinsko & Associates, P.C. is the keystone to any legal strategy.

3 shared custody challenges that arise during summer vacation

Children tend to look forward to summer vacation with breathless anticipation, while parents have to struggle to address the practicalities of having their children away from school for roughly three months. Once the parents in a family separate or divorce, there will be an additional layer of complexity added to the summer vacation schedule.

Trying to handle the challenges of summer vacation across two households can be even more stressful than managing those challenges when everyone lives together. Conflict and disputes are likely to arise, so co-parents need to plan ahead to reduce their conflict with one another and how much time they spend negotiating parenting matters. These are some of the common disagreements that arise during summer vacation in a shared custody scenario.

Questionable vacation plans

Adults putting together a parenting plan will often intentionally impose specific limitations on travel for the parents when they have the children. Requiring pre-approval for travel out of the state or out of the country is a common expectation, especially in high-conflict scenarios where people may worry about the possibility of parental kidnapping. Having rules about the distance or duration of a vacation with one parent and the children already in place can cut down on future conflict.

Major activities involving the children

Did one of the kids sign up for horseback riding camp during the summer? Will they need to attend a sports camp to compete with their school team in the fall? Camps and other long-term commitments involving the children can cause challenges regarding scheduling and transportation. Parents may also need to address the financial aspects of such special plans, as camp can cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars per child.

Rules and expectations for the children

Will the children who are in high school need to get summer jobs or take on more household chores during the summer? Will the parents change their curfew or other rules that apply to their daily lives?

Having consistent rules across both households makes them easier to enforce and easier for children to follow, so parents often benefit from addressing rules and expectations for their children during the summer months in their parenting plans. The more details people include in their parenting plans to address possible issues, the less likely the family is to struggle with unnecessary conflicts over basic vacation concerns.

Adding thoughtful terms to a parenting plan and knowing when to update an existing one can benefit those preparing to share custody across two households, as well as those who are navigating a co-parenting situation already.


Can employers block a worker’s claim for unemployment benefits?

Losing a job can be a major hardship for Pennsylvania workers in just about any profession or family circumstances. Most people don’t have much set aside in savings to take care of themselves when their income suddenly stops, which is why unemployment protections are so important.

Those who suddenly lose their job due to downsizing or minor performance issues can at least count on seeking unemployment benefits while they look for a new job. Such benefits will replace a portion of their lost wages so they can continue to cover their basic cost of living expenses until they find new work.

Few thoughts are more frightening than losing out on the only form of income someone has after an unexpected termination, but many workers fear that their former employers will keep them from getting benefits. Can a former employer intentionally try to prevent someone from getting unemployment benefits?

Employers can respond to any claim

Unemployment benefits can pay up to half of someone’s average weekly wage for up to 26 weeks after an unexpected job loss. Employers make contributions to the state program on behalf of all employees based on what they pay those workers.

To prevent abuses of the unemployment system, Pennsylvania provides notice to employers about claims in addition to rigorously validating every application submitted by a recently unemployed worker. In some scenarios, such as where workers did something in violation of company policy or illegal or when they quit their jobs rather than getting fired, employers can push back on the request for unemployment benefits.

However, even if a worker doesn’t get unemployment as they anticipated because their former employer challenges their claim, they still have the option of appealing. The state can review the situation and may determine that the worker’s situation does justify their benefits claim.

A successful appeal can lead to the benefits someone needs until they find a new job. Sometimes, better communication with an employer can help reduce the likelihood of them challenging a worker’s claim for unemployment after their termination. Learning more about the basics of unemployment benefits in Pennsylvania can help workers who need to obtain benefits after losing a job.

2 of the most important early steps during corporate formation

Forming a new corporation is often an exciting starting point for an entrepreneur or the next logical stage of expansion for an existing small business. Corporate entities are valuable, in no small part, because they are legally distinct from the investors and executives that help to create, financially support, and/or operate the business.

There are several different kinds of corporations, including nonprofit corporations, each of which has unique benefits for those involved with the company. The creation of these complex legal entities often requires months of planning. These are two of the most important steps that people need to consider early in the corporation formation process.

Create corporate bylaws and a strong business plan

The written documentation for a corporation’s operations is of the utmost importance. The corporate bylaws for the company will determine everything about how it operates and will also play a major role in what kinds of executives and investors the company can attract.

Therefore, it is very important to have bylaws that carefully explore the operations of the company after its establishment, as well as a business plan that discusses how the company will generate revenue and the goals for the next five and 10 years of its existence. The information included in the business plan and corporate bylaws will likely influence the articles of incorporation that the company files to become an officially-recognized corporation.

Establish a board of directors

Corporations need to have investors or other responsible parties who agree to assist with the management of the corporation in accordance with the business plan and established corporate bylaws. In some cases, the goal may be to bring in individuals with a background in growing successful business entities.

Other times, the primary objective may instead be to have a diverse board comprised of the primary investors who have helped turn the idea of the company into a functional corporation with their resources. In both cases, the board will have to hold regular meetings and will have a profound impact on the company’s future operations and success.

Creating a corporation either as a new business or an expansion of an existing one is a way for someone with resources or an excellent business idea to both protect themselves from liability and also turn their company concept into a functional organization.

What should buyers know about Judicial Tax Sales in Pennsylvania?

In Pennsylvania, a Judicial Tax Sale is a public auction of real estate properties that have unpaid property taxes, municipal charges or other liens. These properties are often considered prime investment opportunities for those who want to buy cheap real estate to boost their portfolios and turn a profit in the future.

But there are things that potential buyers should know about these Judicial Tax Sales before they commit:

It’s not always an easy process

It’s critical to remember that homes listed for a Judicial Sale are being sold because of delinquent taxes – not because their owners want to move. Although the owners know the sale is happening, you generally cannot expect to get a close look at the property or a peek inside until after the sale is over and you’re the winning bidder.

In addition, buyers need to keep the following in mind:

  • Don’t mix up an Upset Sale with a Judicial Tax Sale. Upset Sales are the first time a property is actually put up for sale, but the goal is to recover all delinquent taxes and tax liens. The purchaser also becomes legally responsible for any other liens against the property – which can make the property much less of a bargain.
  • In a Judicial Tax Sale, the minimum bid is always just enough to cover the costs of the Tax Claim Bureau. Other judgments and liens, so long as they are researched and properly served, are divested upon purchase – but that means that potential buyers need to do a thorough title search before bidding.
  • The operating rule is “caveat emptor,” or “buyer beware.” Since the current owners have clearly had financial difficulties, there may be problems with the property that affect its value. You’re buying the property “as-is,” and there are no returns once your bid has been accepted.
  • Payment is due upon winning your bid: You must pay the full amount of the bid in cash or by certified check at the time of the sale. That means making sure you have the money available before you bid.
  • You may have to evict the former owners: Sometimes, owners are resigned and ready to move. Sometimes, they are not. You may have to evict in order to take possession of the property.

It is highly recommended that buyers get experienced legal guidance before participating in a Judicial Tax Sale – and after – so that they fully understand their risks and the steps they need to take at each stage.

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Seasoned Litigators In Your Corner

Throughout our years of practice, we have learned the ins and outs of the law. When you bring your case to us, we take the burden from your shoulders and put all our efforts toward finding the best solution. If this requires litigation, we are not afraid to step up to the plate. Our attorneys have successfully litigated in state and federal court.

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