Putting An End To Unwanted Sexual Advances

Each year, more than 10,000 charges of workplace sexual harassment are filed. Thousands of additional incidents, it's estimated, go unreported. What is clear is that, even as more and more women enter the workforce, gender-based discrimination remains rampant. (Though it should also be noted that more than 10 percent of sexual harassment charges are filed by men.)

The lawyers at Vinsko & Associates, P.C., endeavor to put a stop to such abuses. We offer aggressive representation to those who have endured sexual harassment, seeking repercussions for offenders and restitution to victims. Based in Wilkes-Barre and Philadelphia, we have served individuals throughout Eastern Pennsylvania for more than a decade.

Harassment Wears Many Masks

Sexual harassment can take many forms. Some are subtle, others blatant. In many cases, a superior will demand sexual favors from a subordinate employee, promising a promotion or raise in return. (Or, worse, still, the superior will promise simply not to fire or demote the employee.)

Yet harassment need not be physical. It often becomes part of a work site's setting, through the frequent occurrence of inappropriate jokes and offhand gender slurs, or by means of circulating lewd photographs.

Our attorneys strive to make workplaces safe. We provide experienced counsel to harassment victims, helping them remove offending individuals from their place of employment, obtain compensation and, when possible, reach resolution with their employers.

Legal Support To Maintain A Safe Workplace

To speak confidentially with an attorney, reach out to Vinsko & Associates, P.C. We take harassment matters seriously, and endeavor to put an end to hostilities. You can call us at 570-550-0815, or contact us through our online form.