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How common is cellphone use while driving in the Philadelphia area?

| Jan 18, 2019 | Personal Injury |

Using a cellphone while driving can distract drivers, increasing accident risks. Despite these dangers though, this type of distracted driving remains very common in the Philadelphia area. This is what a recent survey commissioned by Travelers suggests.

The survey polled 435 drivers in the Philadelphia area about distracted driving. Three-fourths of these drivers reported using a mobile device when driving.

The results of the survey also underscore that there are many different ways that drivers can get distracted in connection to a cellphone. Of the surveyed drivers:

  • 18 percent reported recording video while driving
  • 23 percent reported being on social media while driving
  • 48 percent reported reading emails or texts while driving

The survey results were broken down by generation. Of the three main generations noted in the results, mobile device use while driving was highest among millennials and lowest among baby boomers, with generation X falling in the middle. However, even among baby boomers, reports of this type of distracted driving were high, having been made by 64 percent of surveyed drivers in that generation. This underscores that, while there may be some age groups in which cellphone-related distracted driving is particularly common, this type of distracted driving is a traffic safety issue that touches on drivers of all ages.

Why do you think cellphone-related distracted driving is such a common thing in the Philadelphia area? What do you think would most help lower its occurrence in the area?

Distracted driving accidents can cause extensive harm to their victims. When individuals are hurt in crashes triggered by distracted drivers, legal claims can provide an important route to financial relief.