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How a driver using a hands-free phone may still be distracted

| Jan 8, 2020 | Personal Injury |

Drivers in Wilkes-Barre and Philadelphia who are using hands-free cellphones should not assume that this automatically makes them safer drivers. Any kind of multitasking while driving means that a person’s attention is diverted from the task and increases the risk of an accident. Furthermore, according to a study conducted by the company Lytx, people often use their free hands for smoking, eating, using another device or engaging in other distracting activities.

Around nine people die on a daily basis in the United States because of distracted driving, and although the incidence of using hands-free phones is up, engaging in other activities continues to be a problem. Lytx also identified certain dangerous behaviors that were correlated with distracted driving: Drivers who ate behind the wheel were also less likely to buckle their seat belts.

Distracted driving is a problem for commercial drivers as well, and it is the second-leading cause of fatal accidents in which the truck driver is at fault. Another one of Lytx’s findings was that drivers were most likely to use cellphones when traveling at 65 mph. A client intelligence manager for the company surmised that this might be because many trucks could not go faster than 65 mph. Truck drivers may set their cruise control, get on the phone and possibly let their attention wander.

When a person causes a motor vehicle accident and it results in injuries, that person may be responsible for the expenses associated with the injuries and other costs. A driver’s company may be responsible if the driver is on the job at the time of the accident. However, obtaining compensation can sometimes be difficult. An attorney may be able to assist an injured person in preparing any necessary paperwork and in negotiating with the insurance company or filing a lawsuit if needed.