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Parents can ensure teen driver safety for 100 deadliest days

| Jul 20, 2020 | Blog, Personal Injury |

In Pennsylvania and across the US, the number of auto accidents that involve teen drivers goes up every year during what is referred to as the 100 deadliest days. The days take place during the summer season from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Now AAA is recommending that parents do their part in ensuring the safety of their licensed teens.

AAA reports that teen driving crashes led to more than 8,300 fatalities during this time period from 2008 to 2018. For every mile they drive, teens are three times likelier than adults to be involved in a fatal crash.

Inexperience and risky behavior are what make the 100 days so deadly. According to a recent Traffic Safety Culture Index, a survey conducted by AAA, around 72% of 16-to-18-year-old drivers admitted to engaging in some form of risky behavior. For instance, 47% of the teen drivers would travel 10 miles per hour over the speed limit in a residential area while 32% would run red lights, and 31% would drive aggressively.

Parents should start by talking to their teens about safety. They should create a parent-teen driving agreement. If possible, they should participate in supervised practice driving sessions with their teenager for at least 50 hours. Above all, they can teach by example by not acting unsafely themselves.

When drivers, whether adults or teens, fail to keep themselves and others safe, they will be held liable for any accidents they cause. Not every crash victim can pursue a personal injury case in this state, but those who believe they have the grounds may want to schedule a legal assessment. If hired, a lawyer may do much to strengthen the case and ensure that a fair settlement is achieved. If one cannot be agreed upon, an attorney may litigate.