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Calling an Attorney

| Aug 21, 2022 | Firm News

What to do When Calling an Attorney

When you’re looking for an attorney, it can be hard to know where to start. Some people may call every law firm that comes up in a Google search, while others prefer to review firm websites and attorney profiles before making calls. And once you’re ready to reach out, what does an attorney really need to know?

Regardless of your approach, you may be wondering what you should when your important legal matters are on the line. Here are three things you should know.

What information do I need?

When you first call, you’ll likely be speaking to a receptionist, legal assistant or intake coordinator. You’ll want to tell them what kind of case you need help with and give them a brief background of the situation, along with any relevant court dates or upcoming deadlines. Mention any paperwork you have to support your claims. You may be asked to submit it for the attorney’s review (generally by dropping it off at the office, emailing or faxing) or bring it to a consultation meeting. These details are relayed to the attorney or attorneys who have expertise in your matter.

What if I have to leave a voice mail?

You may have to leave a voice mail if you call after hours or the firm’s employees are otherwise unavailable. When leaving a message, you’ll want to specify the situation. A shortened description of the details you’d give to the legal assistant would also be helpful. Of course, you will want to speak clearly and leave your name and a good working number where you can be reached, and ensure your own voice mail can accept messages if you miss a return call.

What should I avoid?

You want to call attorneys that specialize in the area of law that you need help with. While some firms are general practice firms, others may only practice one or two areas of the law. For example, if you need help with estate probate, don’t call a firm that deals solely with medical malpractice. You’ll be able to ascertain this information from a google search or a look at the firm’s website.

Be specific on voice mails. Avoid leaving a message that simply says “I have a question” or one that only gives a name and number with no further details. Firms may not have the availability to return a call without information on how they can help you.

Finally, please be patient when awaiting a return call. At Vinsko and Associates, we strive to call clients back in a timely manner. However, sometimes attorneys may be tied up in court or in  previously scheduled meetings. Rest assured that our attorneys do receive and review all of their phone messages.

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