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House Calls

| Aug 22, 2022 | Firm News

Many of us are too young to remember the days of the doctor’s house call. In the ‘good old days,’ if you were too sick or too injured to travel, your physician would come to your home for a check-up and provide a diagnosis and a prescription right then and there. At Vinsko & Associates, we believe in the house-call. In times of illness, injury or emergency, we will come to your home or the hospital to help you with your legal needs.

Last month, I visited a client in the hospital. He was uncomfortable with the language in his will, so I helped him decide on the appropriate changes and then went back to the office to compose the legal document. The next day I returned to the hospital to have him sign the document.

Another client needed her power of attorney updated. Pennsylvania law regarding power of attorney changed on January 1, 2015, and her financial institution would not accept the previously signed document. Attorney Brian M. Vinsko along with our on notary, Lisa Karuzie, travelled to see her in her nursing home to sign the forms so they would be acceptable to the bank.

Brian also met with a client who was considering filing a personal injury law suit. The client was so badly injured that he wasn’t able to travel to our office, but Brian was able to discuss the case while the client rested comfortably at home.

Should you need legal help, don’t let your inability to come to our offices in Wilkes-Barre or Philadelphia deter you from contacting us. We can meet with you wherever you’re comfortable, and, in emergency situations, we’ll see you at night or on weekends.