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Spring Cleaning

| Aug 22, 2022 | Estate & Probate Planning

The sun is shining and the flowers are blooming which means it’s finally SPRING in Pennsylvania. For many people, that signals the time to clean up their houses and straighten out their lives, but have you thought about what you need to do to get your LEGAL LIFE in order?

One way to do that is to write a will. Everyone, regardless of income, should have a will.

However, according to Consumer Reports, an estimated 66 percent of Americans do not have a legally valid will.

There are many reasons a person needs a Last Will and Testament, but the most important is that a will allows you to name your beneficiaries and specify exactly what you’re giving to each person after you die. If you already have a will, now is a great time to review it – if your financial status has changed, if you have more children, if you’ve become a grandparent, or to make sure your will continues to reflect your wishes.

Though it’s unpleasant to think about our demise, writing a will is imperative if you own property – a home, a car, retirement benefits, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, life insurance, and so on, and if you care about who inherits it. If you pass away and do not have a will, the distribution of your property will be determined by the Courts. This is called “intestate succession,” meaning that the courts will decide what family members will receive and how much.

The attorneys at Vinsko & Associates recognize that the process of writing a will can be difficult. To make it easier, we offer our clients information to peruse at home to think through some of the choices in the comfort, then come in and meet with attorney to go over it in full.

Complex federal and state laws govern much of estate planning, so your best bet is to hire an estate planning attorney to help you so you don’t waste money and create legal and financial problems for the people you leave behind. You may be surprised to learn that a basic will is NOT a high priced legal document.

An Attorney can:

  • Help you create an estate plan
  • Familiarize you with estate planning laws
  • Suggest ways to reduce your estate planning expenses
  • Point out issues and concerns you may not have considered
  • Address potential problems
  • Ensure that your will is legally valid

Creating a will now can save time, money and heartache for your loved ones after your demise.