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Unemployment Compensation

| Aug 22, 2022 | Employment Law

If you’ve recently been let go from your job, you may be entitled to collect unemployment compensation. To determine if you’re eligible in Pennsylvania, you’ll want to review the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry Office of Unemployment Compensation page at

Once you determine if you’re a candidate for unemployment compensation, you’ll want to:

  • FILE FOR BENEFITS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. It takes a few weeks for the local service centers to process the claims, so the earlier you get it, the quicker you get your application in, the quicker you can be eligible for benefits.
  • COMPLETE THE PAPERWORK CAREFULLY. What you say on these forms can make all of the difference in whether your benefits are granted saying too little or too much can change how the local office makes a decision.
  • IF YOU ARE DEEMED INELIGIBLE FOR BENEFITS, CONTACT AN ATTORNEY. Do not merely walk away from the process if your request for benefits is denied. It is often in your best interest to have a hearing officer review your facts and your case. We can help with this.

If you need assistance with unemployment compensation benefits, contact us at [email protected] or (570).970.9700 or (215).278.4767.