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Have you been separated from your employment? Our lawyers at Vinsko & Associates, P.C., can help you if you have been denied your unemployment compensation. Many times, employers dismiss employees and then attempt to prevent those employees from collecting unemployment, without a legal basis to do so.

If this has happened to you, you will likely be required to appeal the decision and attend a hearing. We can assist you with this process and represent you before the Unemployment Compensation Referee and, if necessary, before the Unemployment Compensation Review Board.

Meeting Eligibility Requirements

Pennsylvania law requires that you meet the following standards in order to be considered eligible for unemployment compensation benefits, as listed in the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry Handbook:

  • You must be eligible to work and available for suitable work;
  • You are registered to work with the Pennsylvania CareerLink;
  • You earned enough wages to qualify and have sufficient credit weeks;
  • You performed services and work covered by the Unemployment Compensation Law for an employer that is required by the UC Law or elects to pay into the UC Fund;
  • You are unemployed through no fault of your own or due to a work stoppage that is the result of a lockout;
  • You have filed an initial application for Unemployment Compensation Benefits.

Attorney Brian M. Vinsko heads the unemployment compensation division of our firm and has argued numerous appeals on behalf of claimants (employees) as well as employers.

You May be Entitled To Partial Unemployment Compensation Benefits As Well

There are numerous aspects to the Pennsylvania unemployment compensation law, and you do not necessarily have to be terminated to be eligible to collect your benefits. In certain situations, if you have had your hours reduced at work through no fault of your own, you may be eligible. It is important that you report all of your wages and income, regardless of the nature, in order to qualify. Contact our attorneys to discuss any questions you may have.

How Can You Be Disqualified From Receiving Unemployment Compensation Benefits?

The Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry can disqualify a claimant (employee) from unemployment compensation benefits for certain reasons. Some of those reasons include:

  • If you quit your job without a valid reason
  • If you are unable to work or not available to work
  • If you have failed to apply for or accept suitable work
  • If you lost your job because of intentional misconduct; willful misconduct; or for violation of the standards of conduct of the job
  • If you are unemployed as a result of a strike
  • If you receive unemployment compensation from another state or federal government

Please note that in many situations, an experienced attorney may be able to argue the specific facts of your situation to the referee and seek a reversal of the initial determination. Like many legal matters, sometimes the situation is not as clear cut as an employer (or employee) makes it out to be.

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