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The lawyers at Vinsko & Associates, P.C., have the experience and knowledge to help any county, city, township, borough, school district, authority or agency with making sound legal decisions. It is not enough to have basic legal training in the area of municipal law anymore. When government officials make decisions, there can be long-lasting legal effects in terms of civil rights, union matters, Sunshine Act concerns, open records laws, taxation, contractual concerns, employment issues, and many other potential detrimental and costly outcomes.

Having an experienced legal adviser will be cost-effective in the long run and will allow the governmental entity to run appropriately. If you are looking for an experienced solicitor, contact our offices today.

What Is Municipal Law?

So you can fully understand how our attorneys can assist you, it will help to have a basic knowledge of what municipal law is and how attorneys can be involved.

Every municipality–which can be a city, township, county or another type of area–has its own set of laws that govern everything from policing to property tax rates. What we do as municipal lawyers is to advise councils on creating laws, approving building plans, governing land use, working with authorities such as sewer and water managers, and overseeing the legal needs of industrial developers. Essentially, we work with municipalities to make life better for residents of the area.

Bill Vinsko’s Municipal Law Experience

Bill Vinsko, the firm’s managing principal, has the following municipal and governmental resume, and can immediately provide you with the sound legal advice and direction your government needs:


  • City of Wilkes-Barre, PA (15 years)
  • Bear Creek Township, PA (17 years)
  • Ashley Borough, Ashley, PA (9 years)

Williamsport City (2013—2015)

  • Special Counsel for Housing Matters/One Strike

Newport Township, PA (2004—2005)

  • Special Legal Counsel, Investigation, pension finance, fiscal management of administration

Jackson Township, PA (2001—2003)

  • Special Legal Counsel, Litigation vs. American Asphalt Corporation

Specific Experience

Pennsylvania Borough Code; Second Class Township Code; Third Class City Code; Home Rule and Optional Plan Law

Authored Legislation

  • Original author of the “One Strike” Property Ordinance in Wilkes-Barre/Williamsport, PA.
  • Residential and Commercial Inspection Ordinance (Wilkes-Barre City / Ashley Borough)
  • Wilkes-Barre City Renter’s (Landlord) Ordinance
  • Wilkes-Barre City Liquor License Notification Ordinance
  • Wilkes-Barre City Vehicle Maintenance Ordinance
  • Wilkes-Barre City Open Records Policy Ordinance
  • Wilkes-Barre City Noise Ordinance (revision/update)
  • Redrafted and updated Wilkes-Barre City Charter and Administrative Code
  • Pave Cut Ordinance (Wilkes-Barre City/Bear Creek Township)

Other Municipal Legal Service

  • Appointed by Jackson Township (Luz. County) PA Supervisors to serve as special legal counsel for 22-year-old lawsuit, American Asphalt v. Jackson Township (2001-2003)
  • Appointed by Jackson Township, (Lycoming County) and McIntyre County, PA Supervisors to serve as special legal counsel zoning and subdivision issues and contract negotiation for windmill installation and wind energy production.

Some Recent Municipal Litigation and Negotiation Topics

  • Act 537 Sewage Facilities Plan / DEP Negotiation / Environmental Hearing Board Litigation
  • Pension fund audits/fiscal review
  • Tax Sale Litigation (Upset Tax Sales/Judicial Tax Sales/Private Tax Sales/Repository Tax Sales)
  • Bath Salts Legislation
  • Tax Appeals (litigation)
  • Title review (municipal property)
  • Municipal financing/bond issues
  • Condemnation (litigation)
  • Right of Entry (litigation)
  • Employment Discrimination
  • Municipal Lease Agreements
  • Land use/Zoning (appeals)
  • Tax Anticipation Notes (drafting/collection defense/legal opinion letters)
  • Tax and Revenue Anticipation Notes (drafting/collection defense/legal opinion letters)
  • Municipal contract drafting and negotiations (i.e. Cable Television/Towing)
  • Land acquisition
  • Budget approval/negotiation/appropriation
  • Sunshine Law / Executive session
  • Zoning/Code violations
  • Sheriff Sale Purchases/Acquisition
  • Windmills/Windmill Project (litigation)
  • Civil Service hiring/testing/procedure
  • Insurance protection (general liability/elected officials/errors and omissions)
  • Election Law and Litigation

Litigation and Appellate Court Highlights

  • Extensive experience in the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania for various municipal issues.
  • Appearance before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court for municipal and election issues

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