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Elections constitute the fundamental basis of our democracy in the United States. In America, our citizens have the ability to vote in many types of elections. Our citizens also have the ability to run for office.

These elections can be at the state level, such as for governor or state legislature, or more localized, such as for roles in local government, county judges or even school officials.

Here in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the elections, nominations, voting and petition filings are governed by the Pennsylvania Election Code.

While there are many laws and regulations that work to ensure safe and fair elections, disputes can sometimes happen, and matters need to be taken to the courts for official decisions.

Election disputes can occur when nomination petitions are challenged, an individual believes the state election code has been violated, or there is reason to believe that an unfair election was conducted.

In these cases, it may become necessary to seek legal representation.

If you need to take a matter of election law to the courts, contact Vinsko & Associates, P.C.’s, election law attorneys in Wilkes-Barre. Our attorneys can help in state matters or those concerning local municipal and government law.

Proven Track Record In Matters Of Election Law

Bill Vinsko, our firm’s managing principal, has extensive experience with election law matters across the Commonwealth. Most notably, in 2013, attorney Vinsko successfully challenged the Hazleton Area School District elections and had them overturned.

Our election law attorneys in Wilkes-Barre have represented both Democrats and Republicans in nomination petition challenges for all levels of government. Our attorneys have represented city council and township supervisors as well as higher-profile clients such as judges, state representatives, and even members of the United States Congress.

Vinsko & Associates, P.C., has had successful outcomes in all levels of the court system. These include the Courts of Common Pleas election courts, the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court and the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

In 2006, our law firm argued the matter of in R.E. Carroll, which challenged a mayor’s removal from the ballot for alleged failure to list volunteer activities on the statement of financial interests.

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of our client. The ruling confirmed that, by requiring volunteer activities to be part of the Commonwealth’s ethics form, it actually discouraged candidates from volunteer service, which did not make sense especially when there was no financial association.

That decision led to a change in the Pennsylvania state law the following year.

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If your nomination petitions have been challenged or you are facing activity that you believe violates the Pennsylvania Election Code, contact Vinsko & Associates, P.C., for help immediately.

Our law firm can also offer advice and legal counsel if you have reason to believe that officials handled an election improperly.

For more than 20 years, the law firm of Vinsko & Associates, P.C., has advised municipalities, candidates, elections bureaus, election directors, voters and electors at every level of government.

Our lawyers have the experience to help you evaluate the complexities associated with matters of election law.

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