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Delay Or Set Aside A Tax Sale

In Pennsylvania, individuals who owe back taxes to the government may have their property seized and sold at auction. Both residential and commercial landowners are equally at risk. This can, of course, quickly become a distressing situation. One’s home and one’s livelihood are at stake. Many feel they have no options to protect themselves.

The attorneys at Vinsko & Associates, P.C., offer experienced and effective assistance to individuals facing tax sale proceedings. We practice throughout the entire Commonwealth and have developed a core competency in helping our clients delay tax sales or canceling them outright.

What We Do

In order to sell off a citizen’s property, the government must meet a number of regulatory criteria. Landowners must be given due warning that their property will be put up for auction, and every facet of the notice must be accurate. Likewise, the information provided to the public about a given property must be correct in every aspect. Yet the government is prone to lapses in detail, and often misinforms both landowners and the public about the details of a sale.

Our firm can leverage any government error to postpone a sale, and in some cases can nullify sales that have already taken place. Such oversights include:

  • Government failure to notify property owner of an impending tax sale
  • Deficiencies in the warning notice itself (i.e. incorrect dates and times of the sale)
  • Incorrect identification of the sale property (i.e. wrong address or parcel number)
  • Inaccurate public notices
  • Inaccurate advertising materials

The lawyers at Vinsko & Associates, P.C., have argued — and argued successfully — at every level of the court system. In matters affecting your property, we will fight hard to help you keep what’s yours. We are also able to negotiate with the government to set aside your tax sale completely.

Reach Out To Us For Assistance

To discuss your situation with an attorney, contact our firm. We are based in Wilkes-Barre and Philadelphia and serve throughout Pennsylvania. You can reach us at 570-550-0815 or 215-309-8275; appointments can also be scheduled online.