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Trusted Legal Counsel For All Family Law Matters

Because of its nature, divorce can be difficult both emotionally and legally. It’s difficult for many to separate emotional challenges from the smart decisions that will have a positive impact for years to come. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to consult with a skilled lawyer before tackling your family law issues.

At Vinsko & Associates, P.C., our family law attorneys have a wealth of experience handling family law matters in Pennsylvania. We can provide you with an objective perspective and sound legal counsel to help you make smart decisions for you and your children. We provide smart, aggressive mediation and litigation to protect your interests.

Handling A Range Of Divorce And Family Law Matters

We represent clients in family law matters that include:

  • Divorce proceedings — We handle all types of divorce-related matters, including property division disputes and spousal support requests.
  • Complex divorce proceedings — We have experience with more complex divorce-related issues, including: division of assets, business valuation, property valuation, division of business ownership interests, division of retirement and investment assets, and other complex divorce matters.
  • Child custody — We help parents understand their parental rights, talk them through how to establish paternity, and help them assert their right to visitation and shared parenting time. We are also skilled in matters concerning grandparents’ custody and visitation rights.
  • Child support — We handle the establishment of child support orders, enforcement and modification of such court orders.
  • Modifying and enforcing decrees — Divorce is an ongoing process; our attorneys help individuals update their divorce agreements as living situations change.


How Vinsko & Associates, P.C., Can Help Your Family

Handling family law issues is no small feat. It takes a considerable understanding of the law and the integrity to enact smart legal decisions. With Vinsko & Associates, P.C., at your side, you can be assured that you are making informed choices and that your rights and interests are protected.

To put experience and extensive legal knowledge in your corner, schedule a consultation with Vinsko & Associates, P.C., today. We serve clients with everything from establishing paternity and a reasonable support obligation to requesting modification of an existing order. For immediate assistance, call 570-550-0815 to speak with our highly qualified family law attorneys.