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Bold Representation. Sound Results.

From real estate to family law matters, Vinsko & Associates, P.C. is the keystone to any legal strategy.

You can protect your real property even after a tax sale

Those with a mortgage typically have an escrow account that sets aside funds for their property taxes. When you finally pay off the principal balance on your mortgage, you may not realize that you have to set aside funds for your annual property tax obligations. When the bill comes due, you may not have the money in savings to pay it.

On the other hand, there are also scenarios where people have the resources to cover their tax obligations, but medical issues or international work opportunities leave them unable to resolve their own financial matters for some time. Usually, the state only acts after someone has become at least two years delinquent in tax payments based on their status on the last day of the year.

There are countless scenarios where otherwise responsible adults could find themselves at risk of losing their primary residence through a tax sale. If your home has already gone up for tax sale, can you still protect your interest in the property?

Owners have the right of redemption

Many counties in Pennsylvania call tax sales upset sales. The state sends notice, and owners have the option of paying their taxes in full to prevent the sale of their homes. Property owners should also receive notice advising them of the property’s sale after the upset sale.

It may seem hopeless when you open the mail and see the notice that local authorities recently sold your property at a tax sale. However, if you follow the right steps, you can potentially redeem the property.

The person who paid the tax bills and other costs at the upset sale won’t be the full owner until you fail to redeem the property. You have up to nine months after the sale to pay off the amount owed and redeem your property.

That window of time exists specifically to give you, the owner who fell behind on their taxes, an opportunity to fully redeem the property. Redemption after a tax sale will require that you pay the full amount due and a little bit extra to the individual who made the purchase at the tax sale. The state requires that the owner pay 10% interest on the price. You must deposit the funds in an escrow account and file a petition with the courts.

Provided that you properly follow this process, you can protect your interest in your home despite falling behind on taxes and having the local government list the property for sale to recover those tax payments. Learning more about what protects your investment in your primary residence will help you fight back when facing the loss of a property due to a tax sale.

3 common ways homeowners respond to a pending foreclosure

Foreclosure is a homeowner’s worse nightmare. The house that you have invested so much money and time into is vulnerable to claims from your lender until you fully pay off your mortgage. The property is the collateral for the loan, which means you could lose the house even after you make 20 years of payments on time.

For many people, falling a month or two behind on their mortgage puts them in an impossible situation. They simply cannot get enough money together to catch up on what they currently owe or redeem the property by paying off the remaining balance on the mortgage. Defending against foreclosure is a better option than just giving up and losing the home where you live.

What are common strategies employed by those hoping to prevent the foreclosure of their homes?

They prove the lender violated the rules

There are numerous protections for homeowners under both state and federal law that mortgage lenders must comply with to successfully foreclose on a property. These include providing certain forms of written notice.

If your lender has made errors in the technical process leading to foreclosure, you can possibly use that in court to prevent them from reclaiming the home where you live.

They renegotiate the loan

Foreclosure can be an expensive process for the lender, and they can lose money reselling foreclosed properties. The longer property sits vacant, the more likely the foreclosure is to drag down its value.

Lenders may be eager to work with a homeowner and extend how long the loan lasts or change other terms so that they can bring their mortgage back into good standing.

They file for personal bankruptcy

Individuals who file for personal bankruptcy have tapped into a powerful tool against foreclosure. The automatic stay can temporarily delay court proceedings. The discharge of their unsecured debts could free up a lot of their budget to help them catch up on their mortgage payments. In a Chapter 13 filing, renegotiation of certain financial obligations is a common practice, the lender may be more likely to work with the borrower.

Understanding the ways in which people frequently respond to a possible foreclosure can help you choose a strategy for defending your homeownership.

3 times you can secure sole custody of your children

The end of your marriage or your long-term romantic relationship will mean a lot of changes in your life. You may move to a new home or rework your schedule at your job so that you are available for your children.

Those who stop cohabitating with the other parent of their children will need to split custody, which will involve dividing both parenting time and decision-making responsibilities. Judges typically prefer shared custody scenarios as they view such arrangements as the best option for the children.

However, there are a few, unusual scenarios in which you can secure sole custody of your children. When is sole custody possible for Pennsylvania parents?

When your ex agrees

Maybe your ex is still an active duty military service number, and they know deployment is in their near future, or perhaps they work as a third-shift custodian and won’t be able to parent during the day.

If your ex agrees with you that you should have sole custody of your kids, you pursue uncontested family law proceedings instead of litigating.

When your ex is abusive

A parent who has anger issues and who has been physically violent toward the children or toward the other parent in the family may not be capable of safely and appropriately parenting without support and supervision.

The courts may grant one parent sole custody if they have documentation of abuse, such as medical records or police reports. Verbal accusations are often insufficient to convince a judge to limit a parent’s time with the children.

When your ex is unhealthy or unstable

Physical issues, like late-stage cancer, could prevent an otherwise loving parent from providing for their children’s basic needs. Mental health issues like depression or post-traumatic stress disorder can also impact someone’s parenting capabilities.

If you have documentation that shows that your ex is quite unhealthy physically or mentally, including if they have a chemical dependence issue, you might be able to convince a judge to limit their time with your children.

In fact, if your ex is very unstable, that could influence custody matters too. If someone doesn’t have income or housing, a judge may determine that they are not currently capable of providing children with everything that they need.

Unless you have either the cooperation of your ex or a very compelling reason to ask for sole custody, a judge is unlikely to grant you 100% of the overnight parenting time for your children. In fact, requesting sole custody without good cause might make a judge skeptical of your ability to put the children’s needs ahead of your own wishes.

Understanding what influences child custody orders in Pennsylvania can help parents moving on from an unhealthy or unhappy relationship.


What you need to know about foreclosure trends in Pennsylvania

A mortgage is a long-term commitment, often requiring 30 years of payments that account for up a third of your monthly household income. Most people will do whatever it takes to make their mortgage payment, including taking low-paying jobs if they unexpectedly lose their employment.

Unfortunately, while many people will fiercely defend their interest in their homes, some people fall so far behind on their mortgages that catching up becomes impossible. Lenders can foreclose by asking the courts to grant them ownership of the finance property. The home that you purchased serves as the collateral for the loan and is therefore vulnerable until you repay the loan in full.

Foreclosure rates tend to help people understand the overall economy and the real estate market. What do the rates in Pennsylvania and across the country currently indicate?

Pennsylvania has seen a surge in foreclosures

After several years of rapid price increases, the housing market seems primed for an adjustment. Some people who purchase their homes at the peak of the market have already found themselves struggling to make their payments on time as rates rise and prices level off or drop.

Nationwide, there has been a significant increase in foreclosure filings in 2022 when compared with 2021. In the first six months of the year, foreclosure filings were up 153% when compared with the same time from the previous year. In Pennsylvania, rates are also up, just not quite as much as the national average. The first six months of 2022 saw a 134% increase in foreclosure filings.

Although Pennsylvania lags behind the nation as a whole, it still has the 20th highest rate of foreclosures, at least based on the first six months of 2022.

Foreclosure is not inevitable when you miss payments

Homeowners need to understand that foreclosure is truly the last resort for many lenders. Even when they initiate foreclosure proceedings, they may happily consider alternative options that allow them to recoup their investment in the property. If you have missed payments, you may be able to renegotiate your loan or defend against foreclosure efforts based on a technical mistake made by your lender.

Tracking real estate trends can help those worried about foreclosure or needing to defend against pending foreclosure efforts.

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Throughout our years of practice, we have learned the ins and outs of the law. When you bring your case to us, we take the burden from your shoulders and put all our efforts toward finding the best solution. If this requires litigation, we are not afraid to step up to the plate. Our attorneys have successfully litigated in state and federal court.

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