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Our Testimonials

Child custody

“Attorney Bill Vinsko from Vinsko Associates is the real deal. He was incredibly comforting, as well as encouraging during my time with him. Always readily available, he answered, as well as took care of any concerns of mine. A custody disagreement with a significant other can be a devastating battle, but with Attorney Vinsko at my side I never had to worry. I trust Vinsko & Associates for all my legal needs! ”

– Brittany


“Vinsko and Associates is top notch and in my opinion the best in the business! They were so helpful and attentive in negotiating my contract. Their professionalism and passion shined through from start to finish. I could not be happier with the outcome and I highly recommend their services!”

– Bob


“In the specialty of real estate tax law as it pertains to both the acquisition and defense of property, Vinsko and Associates are subject matter experts. In several cases Bill Vinsko represented me on, not only did we have a favorable outcome, but it was clear that his methods of preparation and understanding of such matters were superior to opposing counsel.”

– Joe

Old lady

Vinsko and Associates has helped me tremendously and let me explain how. I began caring for my elderly grandmother who I found out was being taken advantage of, I called local law firms to see if they could aide in the assistance, so my grandmother was no longer being taking advantage of. Needless to say, I was making no progress and felt no one cared, until I came across Vinsko and Associates. It was a Friday evening at 5pm and I reached Bill, who was more than willing to help. He did not rush me off the phone because it was a Friday at 5pm. He listened and was truly concerned about the matter in hand. He even offered to come that evening!

Bill and Brian made arrangements to meet with myself and my grandmother the very next day, yes a Saturday! Not only was it an hour drive to my home in the middle of nowhere, they took their time and discussed everything with my gram as well as with myself. They both were so caring and guided me in the right direction for what was best for my grandmother.

I cannot say enough nice things about this law firm. They have true traits and character that is rarely seen anymore which is true caring and compassion. It is definitely not about the money to this law firm as it is to so many other ones, but it’s about what’s right for their clients. They have a true passion for law and are very knowledgeable in every aspect and I cannot recommend them enough! Everything happens for a reason and I am so glad other firms pushed my concerns off! They will be my legal counsel forever!

– Liz


“Attorney Brian Vinsko was so helpful to me through my divorce. Not only did he win me a good settlement from my ex, he was able to arrange the custody that worked best for my kids and me. Brian was tough in the courtroom, but patient and compassionate to me. Thank you, Brian Vinsko and Vinsko & Associates.”

– Jen


“Vinsko and Associates is an excellent law firm. Our father was sick in the hospital and the outcome was not looking well at all. Bill took time out of his busy schedule to immediately come to the hospital to ensure his affairs were in order as he wished. Bill was very caring and even reached out to us to see how our father was doing and hoped his condition improved. After that we realized this lawyer is different and we would never use anyone else. So this past year we decided to buy aspects of an established business and start our own business venture, and Bill was there guiding us every step of the way! Bill has helped us tremendously in starting our business venture, to ensure we were protected and not taken advantage of. This man truly knows his law but he is also a man of his word and shows true integrity! We cannot thank or recommend this law firm enough!”

– Mike and Joe