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Moving away as a single parent: Can you bring your kids?

Having kids is a great joy, of course. But if you're divorced, it can create complications if you want to move out of town. For example, imagine you get an amazing job offer in another state, but your child custody orders say that you can't move with your kids across state lines.

You could be out of luck if you want to take the new job. Then again, there might be a way for you to legally move -- even without the other parent's permission, in some cases.

Congratulations on Your Engagement .... Now What???

Congratulations to the nearly six million couples who got engaged on Valentine's Day. Once you've said YES, there are many decisions to be made -- from the date to the dress. And with each decision, there will be a vendor. And with each vendor that you deal with -hall or hotel, caterer, videographer, musician, florist - you're going to need to get a CONTRACT, an agreement in WRITING.

We Make House Calls

Many of us are too young to remember the days of the doctor's house call. In the 'good old days,' if you were too sick or too injured to travel, your physician would come to your home for a check-up and provide a diagnosis and a prescription right then and there. At Vinsko & Associates, we believe in the house-call. In times of illness, injury or emergency, we will come to your home or the hospital to help you with your legal needs.

Pennsylvania's tax sale laws offer potential for investment

In general, real estate can be one of the best and most secure means of investing your money. In many regions, real estate prices continue to climb year after year. There will also always be demand for housing, so purchasing investment properties can be a means of making regular income for years or lump-sum profits if you fix them up and then re-list them for a higher price.

For some investors, buying homes directly from sellers or banks if the properties are in foreclosure is the fastest route to building a portfolio. However, it can be difficult to find financing if you are just starting out in the world of real estate investing, especially if the property in question isn't in a major city. Thankfully, county tax sales can offer an opportunity for investors to purchase properties or their tax bills for a potential profit.

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