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Happy First Day of Summer

| Aug 22, 2022 | Municipalities

The sun is shining and the weather is hot! Summer is finally here and you likely will be outside more often, working in your yard, cutting grass, having parties, fixing your home, staying out late and enjoying the warm weather. Maybe you’ll even catch fireflies with your children or grandchildren. While summer usually means extra fun, you may want to note these local ordinances that govern how people can act during this sunny season.


  • ALMOST ALL MUNICIPALITIES HAVE NOISE ORDINANCES – Typically, noise ordinances prohibit people from engaging in acts which create loud noises before 7 AM and after 10 PM at night.  The first thing you may think of is parties or being loud in your back yard.  While that applies, it also applies to getting up early on Saturday or Sunday to cut your grass.  Take a look at your noise ordinance and know what you can and cannot do.  You also may want to let your neighbors know in advance about any usual activity at your home – a big party, for instance. A simple note in the mailbox (or even better, an invitation!) may prevent unhappy visits from the police on the night of the graduation party.
  • ALL MUNICIPALITIES HAVE NUISANCE ORDINANCES FOR DILAPITATED PROPERTIES OR HIGH GRASS AND WEEDS:  With the weather comes high grass and vegetation.  It is rare that municipalities cite you for this, but you may get a warning if your lawn is not cut or if there is extensive growth on your vegetation – trees and plants.  Remember, you cannot let trees grow to the point that they raise sidewalks or grow over into a neighbor’s yard.
  • IF YOU HAVE A POOL, YOU MUST HAVE A SECURE FENCE AROUND IT.  Along with the warm weather will be lots of swimming and fun.  In Pennsylvania municipalities, it is a requirement that you have a secure fence around your pool.  A pool is considered an “attractive nuisance” in the respect that a young child is drawn to a pool…if there is no fence, they can go to it thinking they will be ok, and things can happen.  Make sure you protect yourself and others by securing your fence when you open your pool.

We hope you enjoy the summer months. Municipalities and residents have to act reasonably and responsibly. No one is going to cite you if your grass is high for a week, and no one is going to stop you from having a party at your home. However, you merely have to act responsibly. Call your municipality if you have specific questions, or contact us and we will look into it for you.